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  • Pride


    LH Display is a workplace overflowing with pride that leads the industry market, armed with the "leading technology"and "Global No.1 spirit"

    • Global No.1 Display Company
    • The highest competitiveness with cutting edge technology
    • Recognition/reward for outstanding performance
    • Social responsibility activities
  • Career Success

    LH Display supports enployees'professional growth by providing opportunities to take on challenges and the environment to bring out the best performance through proactive cooperation among employees,promoting a workplace that nouishes professional development. 

    • Opportunities to take on challengs
    • Career path to develop into experts
      and leaders in the their own fields
    • Chance to growth along with culture
  • Joyfulness

    LH Display is a joyful workplace where the employess can concentrate on valuable duties while ai work b encouraging work and life balance.

    • Lively organizational atmosphere
    • Peaceful body and mind
    • Family-friendly organizational culture
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